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Answering FAQs About Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Air Conditioning Services Inc. in Waller, TX

Is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. We want to address your specific HVAC needs, which is why we prepared answers to the following questions. Let us know if we missed anything by contacting us.

Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

If your unit is freezing up, it is usually due to a lack of maintenance of the system. This may include dirty evaporative coils or low refrigerant charges.

What are your rates?

$80 without maintenance contract
$75 with maintenance contract

When can we be there?

The same day with a maintenance agreement or if called before 12pm the next day all others.

Are we a York Dealer?


Are we a Carrier dealer?


How long have we been in business?

30 years

Do you offer maintenance agreement?


Are you insured licensed/bonded?

Yes, will send proof if required.

Do you service commercial?


Why is my breaker tripping?

Usually, it’s because your unit is overamping upon startup because of lack of maintenance, dirty evaporative coil, too much refrigerant in the system, or a grounded compressor. We remedy this problem by cleaning the system, checking the refrigerant level of the system, and installing a hard start kit. These methods allow the compressor to start with less amp draw, saving you a considerable amount on your power bill!

What is the service charge?

$80. Service charge

Are we a Trane dealer?


Are we Goodman Dealer?


What kind of equipment do we specialize in?

We service all types of equipment from window units to big commercial units no job is too big or too small.

Do you accept credit cards?


How far will you travel?

100 miles

Do you service residential?


Do you work weekends and holidays? Is there overtime charged?

We work late weekends and/or holidays and there is never any overtime.

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